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Hi, I’m Mehak Dhingra. I help Type 1 Diabetics improve their Time in Range, Hba1c and lifestyle. Attend the webinar that has already impacted 500+ Type 1 Diabetics.

Mehak Dhingra
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Meet Mehak Dhingra

"My diabetes doesn't define me; I define my diabetes" - This mantra has illuminated my path and encapsulated my identity as Mehak. I am known in the community as a Type 1 Diabetes Lifestyle Coach and the proud founder of Unstoppable Type 1, as well as the host of the podcast Shots and Pricks, where we navigate life one shot at a time. My journey has not only been marked by grand battles, but by persistent, everyday resilience.

Mehak Dhingra

It all began in a rather understated way, just as I was on the cusp of my Class X Board exams. It was then that I encountered the complexities of Type 1 Diabetes and Hypothyroidism. This wasn't a dramatic turn, but a quiet unraveling of a new reality that I needed to understand and manage. Despite the advice of countless medical professionals, mastering my blood sugar levels remained an elusive goal.

I sought wisdom from a diverse range of practitioners, yet the clear answers I yearned for seemed to evade me. It was in 2014, when my condition was termed "brittle," that I took a significant step forward with the adoption of pump therapy. My endeavors, however, were not limited to navigating my own health. I began to share my journey, stepping into a new light as an advocate for diabetes awareness and support, transcending my own story to touch the lives of others.

Conferences and Seminar

About Unstoppable Type 1

"Unstoppable Type 1" stands as a pioneering Diabetes Academy and Research Center in India, founded with a profound mission: to empower individuals with Type 1 Diabetes with the power of self-management, enabling them to lead more fulfilling lives. Created by Mehak Dhingra, who personally understands the intricacies of living with Type 1 Diabetes, this institution is not just about imparting knowledge; it's about inspiring change and fostering empowerment.

The academy offers a blend of group courses and personalized hand-holding sessions, each designed to cater to the diverse needs of those living with Type 1 Diabetes. The group courses create a supportive community environment where participants can share experiences and learn collectively. This collaborative approach reinforces the understanding that managing Type 1 Diabetes is a shared journey, filled with mutual support and learning.

Unstoppable Type 1

Complementing the group courses are the personalized sessions, which are central to the academy's philosophy. Recognizing that each individual's experience with diabetes is unique, these sessions provide tailored guidance and support, addressing the specific challenges and goals of each person. This personalized approach is key to empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary for effective self-management.

As a research center, "Unstoppable Type 1" integrates the latest scientific developments into its curriculum, ensuring that all teachings are rooted in current best practices. This commitment to ongoing research and education ensures that the academy remains at the forefront of diabetes care. In essence, "Unstoppable Type 1" is more than an educational facility; it is a movement dedicated to transforming the lives of those with Type 1 Diabetes. Through its comprehensive programs, personal coaching, and commitment to research, the academy fulfills its mission of empowering individuals to manage their diabetes effectively and live life to its fullest potential.

Client Reviews

Around 2 months back I joined this course launched by Mehak Dhingra for type1 diabetes management for my daughter who is having it for past 9 years. This course has helped me tremendously in dealing all kinds of challenges related to type1 diabetes be it managing it confidently with the help of technology or getting the basics right about food and insulin. She is very thorough about the knowledge she is imparting .She has given me hope for my daughter because we are able to notice immediate better results in terms of improved A1c, better TIR and overall good health. I would highly recommend her for this structured program which touches every aspect of type1 diabetes management.

Monika Kukreja

Being a person from non-medical background, I struggled in understanding my son’s diagnosis as type 1 diabetic and things I need to care in managing it better. From last three years I was struggling in maintaining his TiR, Hb1ac, peaks n lows n what not and more than that my confidence. After attending just few sessions of this well-structured course from Mehak, I got so much clarity that I never had and, with this, visible understanding abt nutrition, carb count, freedom from fears and the list is endless. It’s a never ending learning but with Mehak’s guidance it has become achievable.

Swati Sharma

Mehak you are a blessing to all the t1ds ! finding someone who can actually teach you and help you manage a kid with type 1 diabetes is nothing short of a blessing! thank u for such wonderful course that you took pains while creating and let us be a part of it . it has not only helped me understand the basic of type 1 diabetes but also gave me confidence to manage it well without going into panic mode. really grateful for u mehak!

Preeti Devnani

This course is beneficial for me as it covers everything that a type 1 diabetic needs to know. With this course my sugar levels are well controlled and managed too. Mehak di (diabetes educator) has extensive knowledge of diabetes to provide high quality patient education and support services to improve the quality of life for individuals with diabetes. I've learnt about nutrition, food , dosage calculations, how to be in Range ( sugars in range ), lowering my hbA1c and alot.

Shikha Sharma

mehak dhingra has tremendous knowledge about everything related to type1 it has been 14 years of my diagnosis i have found the best guide till now she has clear my all doubts regarding food insulin everything and i feel more confident now that i can manage my bg very well . she has clear all misconceptions of not eating high GI foods like banana mango potatoes now i can eat everything without any doubt and with proper bg control . she is blessing in my life and everyone who is in contact with her.

Nishita Kandhari

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