Mehak Dhingra


Mehak Dhingra

My diabetes doesn't define me; I define my diabetes

This mantra has illuminated my path and encapsulated my identity as Mehak. I am known in the community as a Type 1 Diabetes Lifestyle Coach and the proud founder of Unstoppable Type 1, as well as the host of the podcast Shots and Pricks, where we navigate life one shot at a time. My journey has not only been marked by grand battles, but by persistent, everyday resilience.

It all began in a rather understated way, just as I was on the cusp of my Class X Board exams. It was then that I encountered the complexities of Type 1 Diabetes and Hypothyroidism. This wasn't a dramatic turn, but a quiet unraveling of a new reality that I needed to understand and manage. Despite the advice of countless medical professionals, mastering my blood sugar levels remained an elusive goal.

I sought wisdom from a diverse range of practitioners

Yet the clear answers I yearned for seemed to evade me. It was in 2014, when my condition was termed "brittle," that I took a significant step forward with the adoption of pump therapy. My endeavors, however, were not limited to navigating my own health. I began to share my journey, stepping into a new light as an advocate for diabetes awareness and support, transcending my own story to touch the lives of others.

In time, I became a mentor to a community of over 500+ individuals navigating the waters of Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes. Together, we explored lifestyle management strategies that transformed lives. My collaborations with healthcare experts enriched my understanding of this complex condition.

Mehak Dhingra
Mehak Dhingra

My personal path wasn't defined by stark triumphs or defeats

But rather by a continuous series of adjustments and understandings. I came to know the constant undercurrents of hunger, fatigue, and the challenge of managing weight. I also quietly confronted other health issues, including acid reflux, water retention, and PCOS.

Through my experiences, I've learned that diabetes doesn't have to be the core of one's identity—it's a part of life, but not the sum of it. This insight has become my mission: to gently guide others through sharing the knowledge and support that I've gathered along my own path.

My story may not be one of loud victories, but it is a narrative of an enduring spirit. It's a testament to the idea that with a collective effort, we can subtly shift the tides of our challenges. With a guiding philosophy, I aim to help others find balance and joy in life, moving beyond the constraints of diabetes.