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How To plan Diabetes Lunch Box for your T1 Kid

Thankfully Covid is almost gone and our lives are coming back to normal. Finally, Kids can go to school and you can enjoy your coffee peacefully. However, unlike others, if this news has given you sleepless nights you are a DParent(Parent of Diabetic Kid), with the biggest worry of what to pack in lunch of your newly Diagnosed T1 kid. If this is your worry below are a few tips that will help you plan your warrior’s lunch better. But before you start here are a few important questions to take note of:

Once you have clarity on all the above questions you are in a better place to move to the next step

Step 1

Ask your doctor to switch your child’s morning insulin toHumulin R or Actrapid or Human Insulin. Humulin R works for 8 hours (that is the most time your child is in school)

Understand the functioning of Humulin

Functioning of Humulin

The onset of action is within ½ hour, reaches a maximum effect within 1.5–3.5 hours, and the entire duration of action is approximately 7–8 hours. So, if your child is on Humulin R you can give insulin to your child at 7:00. Insulin will start working by 7:30 am that is when you can give your child regular breakfast depending on the lifestyle you follow. Most school's lunch break starts at around 10:30 am or 11:00 am. The Humulin is still at its peak so your child can have food without pricking. However, here is a catch. Since 4 hours have already passed since you injected, Insulin on Board might have been reduced. So, in that case, I would recommend keeping your lunch box to less than 20–30 gms of carbs.

How to check Insulin on Board? Do a Test Trial at Home

Download an app by name of Diabetes M ( Give Insulin to your child at 7:00 am and feed it in the app. You can check insulin on board in the app under the heading Active Insulin.

Check how much IOB it shows at 10:30 am or 11:00 am as per lunchtime in school (IOB will help you decide how many carbs more children can take).

Taking by average Insulin carb ratio of kids that is1:10, if IOB is 2 units you can give 20 gms carb and if IOB is 4 units you can give around 40 gms of carbs in lunch Box

If your child has a games period or physical activity time in school it is recommended to give your child fruit or dates before the activity to avoid hypo. Now that we have clarity on Insulin and Insulin on Board let's jump on to the most awaited section.


Lunch Box Ideas

Lunch Box 1

Paneer Sandwich(Instead of Bread use Two Paneer squares as Bread)with guacamole(you can replace guacamole with regular Sandwich filling)+ Chocolate bomb + Strawberries

Lunch Box 2

Deviled eggs + Chocolate Bomb + 5–6 olives

Lunch Box 3

Peanut Butter + Low Carb Bun

Lunch Box 4

Low carb Burrito Roll(Use low Carb atta to make Roti)+ Nut bomb

Lunch Box 5

Spicy Tofu Stuffed Bellpepper

Lunch Box 6

Low carb kebab roll(Use low Carb atta to make Roti)

Lunch Box 7

Low Carb open Burger

Lunch Box 8

Low Carb Pizza Roll (Use low Carb atta to make Roti)

Lunch Box 9

Boiled Egg Salad + Nut butter Ball

Lunch Box 10

Grilled Vegetable with Cream Cheese

Please Note — All the above recipes are easily available online, if you are struggling with any recipes feel free to reach out) Low Carb atta Recipe — or you can purchase it from Amazon in name of Ador Atta

Snacks Ideas

So, Dear DParents drop your worries and pack your T1’s bag. It's time to go back to school and embrace the world.
Please Note: Don’t Forget to Pack Hypo Kit!